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Essential Oil Wax Melts

Essential Oil Wax Melts


Create a relaxing and aromatic ambience within your family home.  From calming essential oil blends to oils that boost your mood and increase your energy levels; we're sure you'll find the perfect match. 


  • Promote relaxation: Lavender, Calm, Patchouli, Enlightenment
  • Boost your mood: Happy, Lemongrass
  • Feel energised: Focus, Lime, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus


Please see below for more details.


    Break off a segment of wax and add to either a tealight operated or electric burner. Each segment should last for approximately 5 hours and only needs replacing once the scent depletes.


    The Croxon Kitchen product range is vegan friendly, using natural soy wax* and essential oils to ensure an excellent scent throw and clean burn experience.  

    *100% soy wax is very soft an although we try our best to ensure a clean release from our wax melt moulds, this is not always possible, so please allow for the occasional minor cosmetic disturbance. Please rest assured that this does not affect the performance of our wax melts and is purely a way of knowing that the wax we use is the most natural it can be.


    • Lavender - Provides a sense of calm and relaxation. Perfect for promoting restful sleep and reducing anxiety. 


    • Lemongrass - Energising aromas with anti-inflamatory properties


    • Sweet Orange - Stimulates cognitive function, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety


    • Lime - Increases apetite and is known to help fight and prevent viral infections 


    • Eucalyptus - Immune boosting with cleansing and grounding properties to help relieve respiratory issues


    • Patchouli -  Relieves stress, anxiety and symptoms of cold and flu


    • Calm - Aromatic lavender, clary sage, chamomile and geranium entwine with refreshing notes of bergamot


    • Focus - Zesty orange, mandarin and ripe green bergamot infused with herbaceous lavender and chamomile accords


    • Enlightenment - A rich woody blend of cedarwood and earthy patchouli infused with a green herbal floral heart, sweet geranium and ylang ylang, smooth vetivert and spices create the base


    • Happy - Think first day of spring. A fresh scent made up of 6 essential oils blended together to give you that happy feeling, 
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