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Outdoor Dining Candle - Bugs be gone

Outdoor Dining Candle - Bugs be gone


Calling all campers, picnickers and al fresco diners...


...This one is for you! 


Made from recycled tin cans, natural soy wax and pure Citronella essential oil these luxury outdoor candles allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year round.


Citronella is known for its bug repellent properties and although we can not guarantee every bug in your garden will stay clear, they definitley will not want to be around these highly scented garden candles.


So don't miss out and allow yourself every opportunity to enjoy the garden this year without the uninvited bugs!


    Each candle is 350g and will burn for approximately 40 hours. Please note that due to the nature of a recycled tin can there may be signs of previous use/rusting on the older tins, though we do aim to ‘clean them up’ as best we can. We can not refund/replace a candle due to its ‘rustic’ look, as this is the nature of the product.


    Best used on a still day/evening. If used inside please keep away from flammable items as the wick is larger than ones we use in an inside candle, to keep them alight outside, and so can create a bigger flame.


    The Croxon Kitchen product range is vegan friendly, using natural soy wax and toxin free scents to ensure an excellent scent throw and clean burn experience.  

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