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Designer Inspired Collection

Designer Inspired Collection


Black Opium is from our designer inspired collection – An addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla



Please note that the above scent is a dupe and we do not claim to be selling the exact copy of the above brand. 



This is available as a Jar candle (314ml), Wax melt snap bar (5 pieces per bar) and Tealight pack (6 per pack). 


    Jar candles will burn for approximately 45-50 hours, tealights will burn for approximately 5 hours and the scent in our wax melt snap bars will last for approximately 5-10 hours per piece.


    The Croxon Kitchen product range is vegan friendly, using natural soy wax* and toxin free scents to ensure an excellent scent throw and clean burn experience.  


    *100% soy wax is very soft an although we try our best to ensure a clean release from our wax melt moulds, this is not always possible, so please allow for the occasional minor cosmetic disturbance. Please rest assured that this does not affect the performance of our wax melts and is purely a way of knowing that the wax we use is the most natural it can be.

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